Granite, Marble, Soapstone Countertops - Buyers Guide

Project Timeline

The Timeline - How long will all this take and in what sequence

For a Countertop Project - Here is the "normal" sequence of events:

  1. Call to schedule a free in home consultation & estimate.
  2. Get the estimate and start shopping for a granite color.
  3. Finalize choices (granite, sinks, faucet, cooktop etc) and schedule a templating date and reserve an installation date.  Also make sure that your faucet choice goes with your sink choice and consider the layout for the holes that may need to be drilled in the granite.
  4. Templates are made (remember to clear off your existing countertops). A Laser is used by Heritage Stonecraft to produce CAD drawings.
  5. The granite is purchased by the fabricator
  6. Templates are printed and Customer is invited to participate in the layout process
  7. Slabs are cut to size, edged and polished.
  8. On installation day the old counters are removed, new ones installed and the sink is mounted.
  9. For undermount sinks the plumber should connect the faucets and drains on the next day (giving time for the adhesives to fully cure).
  10. The backsplash is installed.
  11. The party is scheduled to show off your new (400 million year old) natural stone countertops.

The critical path for most jobs is choosing a color and locking in an installation date.  As soon as you are ready to go ahead with the project, even if you haven't fully settled on a color choice, call to set the schedule.  Depending on the time of year we, at Heritage Stonecraft , have a two to three week lead time - i.e. when you decide to go ahead our first available installation dates will be two to three weeks out.  Unlike many other fabricators, we will be able to set your installation date at the very beginning of your project and stick to it.

There are always special considerations which can mix up the normal scheduling sequence so be sure to discuss them with us during the estimating process.