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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions about us


Q: How is Heritage Stonecraft granite less expensive than other granite and am I sacrificing quality?

A: Heritage Stonecraft is committed to providing granite at lower quartile prices with top quartile quality.  We do this by integrating all aspects of the granite business, from importing granite directly to installing the finished product.  We eliminate the middle-men, whether they be the retailer, contract fabricator or subcontract installer.  Every person you see working on your countertops is a Heritage Stonecraft employee dedicated to providing outstanding quality at affordable prices.  We also focus on continual improvement in all aspects of our operations to become more efficient and cost effective at what we do.

Q: I've seen some ads for special pricing as low as $29 per square foot.  You seem more expensive?

A: Please read our helpful article about buying granite countertops ( here ).  and our expose on pricing here. Yes, there are some "driveway" fabricators using thinner 2 centimeter granite who can offer apparently lower prices but check them out carefully and fully understand what you might be getting and what is "missing" from their advertised prices.  Remember that cheapest does not equal best value.

Q: Is Heritage Stonecraft granite right for me?

A: Absolutely.  Heritage Stonecraft is committed to customer service and building a lasting reputation. Please research online reviews of Heritage Stonecraft by Angies List, BBB, Google Places or other review websites. The feedback from our customers is unmatched with consistent "A"s and positive comments. We also post our own Testimonials on this website. These are taken from post-project written comments from hundreds of customers. Additional reviews are publically available in our showroom, in a large 3-ring binder which also contains the customers name and contact information, should you wish to follow up in person. We are also one of the few natural stone providers in the nation that offers a warranty. We want to work to satisfy every customer need.  We are also dedicated to customer education as the granite business, though very old, is still very fragmented and mysterious.  Most granite providers like to keep it that way so they can maintain artificially high prices.  We strive to make the process of selecting granite totally transparent with no surprises.

Q: Are there other colors available?

A: We offer any color stone if it exists in our inventory or in the inventory of any importer in the DFW area - about 500 colors in total.  Our color options on this web site are just a sampling of available colors, carefully selected to encompass the most popular choices which represent excellent value. We maintain an inventory of some of these colors in our own warehouse so that any project - large or small, residential or commercial - can be fulfilled quickly.

Q: Can you re-connect my electrical and plumbing connections?

A: We are not licensed electricians or plumbers. Therefore, we can not make electrical or plumbing re-connections. We have partnered with a reputable and licensed company to complete these tasks for you and we hgandle all of the corrdination.

Q: Will my granite countertop have visible seams?

A: Most granite installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, we will try to minimize the number of seams required. Additionally, our care in manufacture ensures that edges fit together very tightly to help lessen the appearance of visible seams. Companies that advertise very low-per-square-foot prices usually are selling "blanks" or pre-fabricated countertops. With these, you are usually charged by the whole piece not what you actually use. There will also be more seams because blanks are not make in "L" shapes for example. For granite with large patterns/veins, we invite the customer to participate in the layout process so they can make choices on how the slabs are cut and positioned in the project.

Q: Can you do my tile backsplash work?

A: Heritage Stonecraft installs tile, glass and slab backsplashes and has a wide selection in our showroom. Sometimes we do subcontract floor and wall tile work to a reputable company we have worked with for years and we take care of all the coordination

Q: Can you give me an estimate if I e-mail or FAX a sketch?

A: Certainly. Please make all the measurements as accurate as possible and allow for an 1.5 inch overhang on all the cabinets. Mark special areas (curves etc), indicate your preferred edge(s), colors, and details of your sink (undermount or drop-in). Also indicate whether we will need to remove your old countertop and backsplash. While estimates done this way can be quite close to the final numbers we cannot finalize the costs until we visit your project and discuss all the aspects of your job as part of our free in-home consultation.


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