Granite, Marble, Soapstone Countertops - Buyers Guide


Most projects will have seams. Here are some examples of how Heritage Stonecraft works to minimize their appearance.

Crema Bordeaux

Backplashes are cut to continue the veining so it "flows" up the wall

Cream Bordeaux

A very difficult granite has an almost invisible seam

Azul Aran

Varied crystal structure and colors are particularly challenging

Verde Victoria

The seam here is NOT diagonal. See the glue mark on the wall.


Small grain structures can hide seams quite well.

New Venetian Gold

Seams are kept away from sink except when it minimizes the number

Tropic Brown

The seam here is horizontal. Difficult to see

Crema Venato

Even with large color variations we can find a way

Golden River

Oranges and greys are matched as best as possible

New Veneitan Gold

Seam widths are kept to 1/32" or less, with a color matched epoxy

Baltic Brown

Regular/Medium Grain patterns can be difficult to hide

Giallo Veneziano Fiorito

The eye catches straight lines where there shouldn't be any

Tropical Silver

High contrast (black & white) means the seam color has to relate to both