About Heritage Stonecraft - Quality

Unbeatable Reputation For Quality and Service

Quality Control


Only first-quality, consistent materials are accepted for fabrication.  If a customer selects a slab from a local importer and it is delivered to us, we perform a thorough inspection on arrival and if we find issues or flaws we either reject the slab or call in the customer to verify they are happy with the material.  You will never have to worry about your slab selections.

Flexibility of Supply

Heritage Stonecraft has the capabilities and multiple sources to ensure abundant product availability.   We offer an amazing array of colors for residential installations and commercial applications.  We have purchasing arrangements and accounts with all the major importers in the DFW metroplex.


All our standard production materials are 3 cm or 1-3/16” thick. This harmonious thickness allows for a seamless profile and stable installation.   We use no laminated edges which can cause problems later and produce an unattractive visible seam. For those stone which are only available in 2 cm thickness, we machine the back of the slabs to reduce seam thickness and, where possible, cut the lamination adjacent to the top to provide continuity of pattern.

Obsession with Quality

We know that we cannot succeed unless we achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction.  We go above and beyond to deliver a quality product at an attractive price, installed in a way that minimizes disruptions and dust in your home.