Real Lightweight Slabs of Travertine & Marble

Minimizes seams and grout lines

Developed from the highest quality natural stone, ForzaStone products offered by Heritage Stonecraft give you the ultimate in affordable, luxurious design.

Designed for easy installation and on-site customization, get the high-end look you desire at a fraction of the cost of stone slabs.

Unique ForzaStone panels are so lightweight and easy to handle, they also require a fraction of the installation time of other products.

ForzaStone marble and travertine panels are made of the highest quality natural travertine stone and are available in various standard sizes. Because each pane is roughly 9mm thick, they can be easily customized on-site to fit any size space.


Superior Products at Superior Pricing

Easy to Clean:

100% Waterproof
100% Sealed

Real Natural Stone:

Each Panel is Unique!

Fast & Easy Installation:

Enjoy a completely renovated and unique bathroom in one day!

Extremely Durable:

Lifetime Warranty
ASTM Tested,
Exceeds All Requirements


Enjoy a completely renovated and unique bathroom in one day!


Colors also available in matching 2cm slabs and tile to pull together all areas of your bathroom - vanity tops, steps, wall caps and window ledges.


A Green Solution

A Green Solution

Stone is one of the longest lasting and weather resistant building materials. ForzaStone does not need to be refinished, repainted, or replaced like other materials, thus eliminating solvents, saving energy, and reducing waste.

ForzaStone uses Low-VOC epoxy adhesives to permanently bind the stone to the backer reinforcement. This is supported by a lifetime guarantee.

The manufacturing facility recycles 100% of the wastewater in the process recycles 100% of the aluminum and recycles 100% of the scrap stone and dust into the epoxy's and fillers used for production.

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